Research Question:

How is COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown measures affecting the smallholder coffee farmers in the TechnoServe AAA and Farm College programs?

Study Overview:

This is a longitudinal and formative study that collects data through repeated phone surveys with a sample of TechnoServe coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe . The data collection is currently planned to take place over 7 months with survey rounds every 3 weeks for a total of 10 rounds.

Targeted and Completed Surveys

Note : This data has been weighted to be representative of the population of coffee farmers in the TechnoServe agronomy training programs in targeted regions and cohorts. Eligibility for inclusion requires farmers to have mobile phones and this leads to coverage bias due to the non-random distribution of mobile phone ownership. Over the course of the study, we will work to refine the weighting methodology with the aim to calculate population estimates for all coffee farming households.

Number of Respondents Surveyed

Location of Respondents Across All Round





Awareness of Coronavirus

Prior to our phone call today had you heard about COVID-19, or the 'coronavirus' disease?

Common Symptoms of Coronavirus

To the best of your knowledge, what are the common symptoms of the new coronavirus disease?

Actions That Help Reduce the Risk of Contracting Coronavirus

To the best of your knowledge, what actions can you take to help reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus?

Awareness of Asymptomatic Transmission

Do you think that people can spread the virus without being visibly sick?

Greatest Concerns Related to Coronavirus

What are your greatest concerns related to coronavirus, at the moment?

Experienced Difficulty Accessing Coffee Farm in Past 7 Days

In the past 7 days have you experienced any difficulty visiting your coffee farm?

Have any of these activities been impacted by the Coronavirus situation?

Sold Coffee in Past 7 Days

Have you sold any coffee in the past 7 days?

Average Price

What price did you receive (in local currency) per kilogram?

How has your usual use of inputs been affected by the Coronavirus situation?

Income Generating Activities Over the Past 7 Days

Please tell us all the ways in which your household generated income over the past 7 days?

Have You Lost a Source of Income From Coffee Farming?

Have you lost any income from coffee farming due specifically to the Coronavirus situation?

Reasons for Loss of Coffee Farming Income

In what way did you lose income from coffee farming because of the Coronavirus situation?

Coping Strategies Implemented in the Past 4 Weeks

In the past 4 weeks, did you or anyone from your household do any of the following to cover your household's basic needs?

Emergency Fund Availability

If there was an emergency and your household needed to raise [1/20] GNI per capita within the next month, would this be possible?

Sources of Emergency Funding Available

From what source do you think you would be able to raise this emergency funding?

Access to Water in the Past 7 Days

In the past 7 days, has your household had sufficient water for handwashing and cleaning household items?

Access to Soap in the Past 7 Days

In the past 7 days, has your household had sufficient soap for handwashing and cleaning household items?

Food Availability

Have you been concerned about food availability over the past 4 weeks?

Greatest Issues Related to Food Availability

What were your greatest issues related to food availability over the past 4 weeks?

Gone to Sleep Hungry

In the past 7 days, did you go to sleep at night hungry because there was not enough food?

Spending on Food

In the past 7 days would you say your household has spent more, less or about the same aount as you usually do on food in a typical week?

Visited a Shop or Market

In the past 7 days have you visited a shop or market to buy food?

Experience in Shop or Marketplace

In the past 7 days, when you visited the shops or marketplace to buy food, did you experience any of the following?

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